Our Daily Distractions

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Everyday is the same. No matter how much we want them to be different, to be something special, the reality is, we are all the same. The beauty in people is how we allow the same thoughts and feelings, felt by all at one point or another, to manifest within in us. The things we do in our lives, the problems we invest ourselves in, the distractions we choose.
As people we always seem to be avoiding something, a greater truth, a confrontation, there's always something we would rather bury within ourselves than actually try and work through. It doesn't have to be big, it can be as insignificant as choosing what colour to paint the walls, or as important as choosing a career path, either way we avoid it. Why is it that we prefer to beat around the bush rather than just cut the damn bush down? Is it not easier to cut the bush down before it starts to grow,  rather than wait until it has flourished into a hedge of some sort? (pretty sure a hedge and a bush are two different things but for the sake of my analogy just leave it be haha) 

No matter how we do it, how we allow our thoughts to manifest it is always a distraction. We do the washing to distract ourselves from the house we need to clean, we go out clubbing to hide the fact that our hearts were just broken, we yell and fight each other in an attempt to hide ourselves away. Pushing anyone away anyone who cares enough to notice the cracks in our facade. So desperate to avoid the truth that we would be willing to let go of genuine good people for fake ones who don't care, if only to preserve our own state of mind. 

The amount of things that we could achieve if only we stopped distracting ourselves and started confronting our problems. If only we had the courage to pursue our dreams without convincing ourselves of any easier path. To see the world in black and white rather than grey. All the little things we do, all the small tasks we wish to avoid will one day manifest into something much greater. No matter how hard we try to distract ourselves the reality never changes.

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