Why Having A Holiday Is So Important

Friday, December 02, 2016

I recently finished up my exams and am officially on holiday for summer! The little time that I've had so far has lead me to reflect a lot on the importance of having a holiday. I'm not saying that you should be out on holiday every day of the year but I definitely think it's something that we all need every once and a while.

It is always important to take a break, a break from work, from school, or just from life. You deserve it. No matter how long your to-do-list is, it's time to put that aside, December is finally here which means there's only one month left in 2016. While many people may, at this point be arming themselves with extra work, I think it is best to wind down. If you're stressed about work maybe you're looking at it from the wrong angle. Take a break, have a breather and then go back re-energised and focused.

Life is tough, and you can't just keep working, you can't keep fighting, in fact you really can't keep doing anything without taking a moment to breathe. Sometimes we all just need a holiday away from our lives. When everything starts to pile up and it feels like too much, just relax. I know that can be hard to hear (coming from someone who is very high strung) relaxing is almost never on my mind. However, it can do wonders for the body, mind and soul. While being told to 'chill out' isn't what a lot of people want to hear, sometimes it's exactly what they need to hear. The world isn't going to fall apart if you take a little time off for yourself.

And as December has finally begun, Christmas is coming and the new years is starting to sneak up on us. Yet despite all of this, I believe our focus should be on relaxation above and beyond everything else. As people we take care of our bodies, we wear bandages when we have cuts, and casts when we break a bone. But many of us forget that our mind also requires the same kind of care. When a person finishes a 20km run they don't just launch into another run; they stop and let themselves rest. Simply because they know that their body can't handle another 20km run without a break. The same goes for our mind. We cannot keep pushing ourselves and pushing ourselves with no rest in between, yet still expect ourselves to stay afloat.

Having a break, taking a holiday. To me is by far the single most important thing in making sure that we are able to continue to function at our best.

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